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Posted on January 18, 2016 at 11:38 PM
From Francesca Cox -- Wildfeathers Wellness

A mindful way to practice self-care.

"Take a few moments in a place alone, with music and maybe candles and few electronic distractions. Allow your mind to find silence and thinking time. What is that you need? What things are you drawn to in this season of life? What types of music fill your needs? Who do you love to spend time with, if anyone? Are there places that mend your heart? Activities? Books? TV shows?"

Make a list of what you need to not just survive, but Thrive.  Each day, look at that list and choose on item that you will give yourself that day.  You may, of course, choose more than one item if you wish, but you have got to start somewhere!  

Good luck!

Categories: Wellness